Characteristics of Server Network Card

Release time:11 Jun ,2019

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The network card configured by the server transmits a large amount of data and takes up a high CPU, so the server network card must have processing chips to assist the CPU to work and reduce some of its performance. So the network card is a necessary device for the server, just like the ordinary PC personal computer with a processor. Usually, the network card on PC is mainly used to connect PC with LAN, while the server network card is generally used to connect the server with the network equipment such as AC. The common server network card has the following characteristics:

Server Network Carter Points-A Large Number of Network Cards

When ordinary PC accesses LAN or Internet, a single network card is usually enough. In order to meet the needs of the server in the network, the server generally needs two or more network cards to form a linkage network and to interact with huge amounts of data.

Carter Point of Server Network-Fast Data Transfer

At present, about 80% of the networks adopt Ethernet technology. Now the most common network card is Ethernet network card. According to the different bandwidth supported by network card, it can be divided into 10 Mbps network card, 100 Mbps network card, 10/100 Mbps adaptive Ethernet card, 1000 Mbps network card and so on. 10Mbps network card has gradually withdrawn from the historical stage, while 100Mbps network card and 10/100bps adaptive network card are commonly used Ethernet network card on ordinary PC. For large data traffic networks, servers should use Gigabit Ethernet network cards in order to provide high-speed network connectivity. Talking about Gigabit Ethernet network card, we have to talk about a new generation of PCI bus, PCI-X, which can provide enough bandwidth for high data throughput devices such as Gigabit Ethernet network card and disk array controller based on Ultra SCSI320. Because the PCI network adapters of servers generally have considerable data throughput, the old 32 bit, 33 MHz PCI slots can no longer provide enough bandwidth for those PCI network adapters. PCI-X can provide 8 times higher bandwidth than the old 32 bit and 33 MHz PCI bus, so it can meet the data throughput requirements of the server network adapter. If two 100Mbps Ethernet adapters have been integrated in the motherboard, we can shield off board network adapters in BIOS and install Gigabit Ethernet adapters in PCI-X slot, which can effectively increase network bandwidth and greatly improve the data transmission rate of the whole network.

Server Network Carter Point - With Chip, Strong Processing Capacity, Reduce CPU Power Consumption

Because a server may have to support hundreds of clients and run continuously, the requirement for server network performance is relatively high. The biggest difference between the server and the ordinary PC workstation is that the CPU of the ordinary PC workstation has more free time and is busy only when the workstation is working. The CPU of the server is working continuously, processing a large amount of data. If a server CPU provides data response for the network card most of the time, it will inevitably affect the processing speed of the server for other tasks. Therefore, low CPU occupancy is very important for the server network card. Server dedicated network card has a special network control chip, which can take over many network tasks from the main CPU, so that the main CPU can concentrate on "energy" to run network operations and applications, of course, the service performance of the server will not be affected.

Server Network Carter Point-High Security Performance

Servers need not only strong service performance, but also absolutely reassuring security measures. In practical applications, whether the network line is broken, the hub or switch port is broken, or the network card is broken, the connection will be interrupted, of course, the consequences are unimaginable. There are many factors affecting the normal operation of servers, among which the network card directly connected with the outside world is an important link. To this end, many network hardware manufacturers have introduced their own fault-tolerant server network cards. That is to install two network cards on the server, one is the main network card, the other is the standby network card, and then use two network lines to connect the two network cards to the switch. Establish primary and standby connections between servers and switches.

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