CEACENT Assists AI Intelligence - PCIe 4.0&5.0 Adapter Cards

Release time:26 Sep ,2023

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Since the launch of ChatGPT, the monthly active users have already exceeded 1.5 billion, and the global demand for super AI computing has exploded; At present, the daily operating cost has reached as high as $700000, and the growth momentum of computing power in AI training tasks continues (the required computing power doubles every 3.5 months). Its development speed far exceeds Moore's Law, making the current "large capacity cache and storage" specification a standard requirement for AI intelligence.

The three main elements of AI intelligence are data, computing power, and algorithms; Under the huge data processing needs of supercomputing centers, the requirements for high-speed, high-quality, and large-capacity signal transmission efficiency are becoming increasingly stringent, pursuing high standards of energy efficiency quantification; On this basis, PCIe technology has gained a rapid development channel, thus transitioning from PCIe 3.0 to versions 4.0, 5.0, and 6.0. PCIe 5.0 has now become the best configuration for AI applications.


Jiahua has established a complete supply system from the market, customer needs, to product research and development, production, supply, service, etc., with over 20 years of professional project research and development experience; Under the vast data processing application environment of AI intelligence, supercomputing centers, and data centers, as well as the demand for ultra-high data redundancy and high energy efficiency quantification, Jiahua has closely followed the development pace of the industry and fully invested in the research and development of new products. Nowadays, it has successively launched PCIe 4.0 and 5.0 product card lines. After professional and strict application testing, this series of new products can efficiently and stably maximize the card performance, meeting customer service experience and application needs.

The CEACENT CNT42PE16 and CEACENT CNT52PE16 adopt a surge signal enhancement acceleration chip, Panasonc M6 high-speed low latency board, and the bus speed can achieve true PCIe 4.0X16 and PCIe 5.0X16 bandwidth, meeting the current needs of AI massive data transmission. The board can expand four NVME hard drives or multiple PCIe channels, and each NVME SSD channel has a dedicated PCIe 4.0 x4 (16Gb/s)/PCIe 5.0 x4 (32Gb/s) bandwidth; It can also be used as a PCIe channel expansion card, and can be paired with our company's CNS41CX16 series products for PCIe thread expansion, expanding limited PCIe to more (with the total thread rate unchanged); Its high-quality boards and specially supplied signal enhancement chips provide customers with stable, fast, reliable, and durable performance in any demanding application, suitable for applications such as multi node servers and AI servers.

In the future, as a national high-tech enterprise, Jiahua Zhongli will continue to invest in research and development resources, innovate and develop domestic independent brands (CEACENT), meet the solution needs of different users, never forget our original intention, and forge ahead! Continuously providing you with higher quality products and services!! Keep walking, keep moving forward.
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