Model: AN8210-T1PoE
Type : 1*1000M POE NIC
This customized POE industrial camera network card is a single port copper cable Gigabit Ethernet PCI Express x4 PoE image acquisition card independently developed by Xi Microelectronics based on the Intel I210 chip solution. It is compatible with PCIe x8 and x16 channels and supports high-performance design of PCI Express * Gen 2.1 2.5gt/s. The design of this server adapter card is mainly applied to industrial visual inspection servers and devices, visual on-site clients, fast mobile Ethernet data transmission devices, etc., and is also suitable for ordinary servers. The adapter card has power management functions, including Energy saving Ethernet (EEE); DMA merging, ultra compact design, unique ventilation bracket, increases efficiency and reduces power consumption.

Product features:

1. The single port PoE has a maximum output power consumption of 30W and provides an external 4Pin power supply supply interface.

2. Adapt to the power consumption output required by external devices;

3. The interface designed specifically for industrial grade cable access, combined with CEACENT customized Cat 6.0 industrial network cable, can more stably lock cables and network ports, effectively solving the problem of unstable connection between network ports and cables in industrial places, and is compatible with ordinary cable access;

4. Carefully selecd RJ5 connectors with thickened sinking gold to ensure stronger and more reliable connectivity;

5. The design of 8-PinRJ45 head can better save valuable PCIe slot resources on the motherboard

6. The port configuration includes Link indicator light, Active indicator light, and Power supply indicator light
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