Model: AN810V-SF4 OCP3
Type : 25G OCP3.0 NIC
The CEACENT AN810V-SF4 OCP3 is a dual port 10 Gigabit fiber server adapter developed independently by Xi Microelectronics based on the Intel E810 CAM1 main control scheme, with the OCP 3.0 protocol specification. This server adapter card is designed for server and high-end open computing projects (OCP) to participate in optimizing rack equipment. It has four QSFP28 fiber ports that can work completely independently, providing unparalleled features for server and network virtualization to meet the needs of next-generation data centers, helping to promote more efficient server design and practice, handling specific and challenging workloads.

This adapter card has a flexible four port 25GbE link rate on a PCI Express 4.0x16 slot, making it easy to use in environments with multiple network deployment requirements. This adapter can optimize high-performance server workloads such as NFV, storage, HPC-AI, and hbrid cloud services, making system I/O no longer a bottleneck for high-end network applications. At the same time, this adapter card can bundle and aggregate multiple ports simultaneously to achieve fault tolerance and redundancy, ensuring network performance or expanding network bandwidth, Capable of real-time self detection and routing communication from faulty ports to other members in the same group for uninterrupted high-performance communication. The AN810V-SF4 OCP3 not only has stateless offloading, but also supports RIWARP/RAMD technology to efficiently handle high traffic data transmission. At the same time, the controller can directly communicate with the processor cache without the need to bypass system memory, thereby reducing latency, improving system I/O bandwidth, and reducing energy consumption. It is an ideal solution for deploying multiple networks and deploying critical network applications and environments on high-performance servers.

Main features:

1. OCP 3.0 protocol specification - Four port QSFP28 fiber server adapter

2. Application Device Queue (ADQ)

3. Dynamic Device Personalization (DDP)

4. Supports RDMA iWARP and RoCEv2

5. Port speed: 25G

6. Port type: SFP28 * 2

7. Bus type: PCI Express (PCIe) 4.0 0x16
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