Brand: Mellanox
Model: MCX653106A-ECAT
Type : 100G QSFP56 Single Port NIC
Product characteristics:

Up to HDR100 EDR InfiniBand and 100GbE Ethernet connectivity per port

Maximum bandwidth 200Gb/s

Up to 215 million messages/second

Delay below 0.6 microseconds

Block level XTS-AES mode hardware encryption

Support for FIPS

Advanced storage features, including block level encryption and checksum offloading

Supports ports based on 50G SerDes (PAM4) and 25G SerDes (NRZ)

First-class packet pacing with sub nanosecond accuracy

PCIe Gen 3.0 and Gen 4.0 support

Compliant with RoHS standards

ODCC compatible

Product advantages:

Industry leading throughput, low CPU utilization, and high message rate

The highest performance and most intelligent architecture for computing and storage infrastructure

The cutting-edge performance of virtualized networks, including Network Function Virtualization (NFV)

Host Link Technology for Economical Rack Design

Intelligent interconnection for computing and storage platforms based on x86, Power, Arm, GPU, and FPGA

Flexible programmable pipeline for new Flow network

Efficient service chain support

Improve I/O consolidation efficiency, reduce data center costs and complexity
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