Model: CC35X12-12S-LD
Type : 12 Bay Expander Chassis
The CEACENT CC35X12-12S series is a 2U 12 disk customizable storage server launched by Xi Microelectronics Company. It uses a self-developed 12 disk Expander backplane with BCM high-performance chips and supports various chassis solutions. The model supports a maximum memory capacity of 1TB and supports up to 7 half height PCI-E devices. The chassis adopts a one button lock to open and close, making it convenient and convenient. The front ear is specially designed for the cabinet slide rail and adopts a metal pull type setting, which is sturdy and durable; The panel is equipped with 2 USB 3.0 expansion holes and 2 monochrome indicator lights. CC35X12-12S provides advanced management functions and storage technology, with reliable scalability and high availability. The 2.5/3.5-inch shock absorbing hard drive bracket, patented EMI shielding spring plate, and tray with rubber insulation pad can greatly reduce the impact of interference and resonance, reducing damage to the team's disk.

The built-in backplane adopts a mature LSI 35X12R Expander master control solution, which can connect up to 12 SAS/SATA disks. The product adopts high TG170 board, and is equipped with a cascaded interface on the front, which can easily expand more storage slots and flexibly configure application solutions. The backplane adopts graded delayed power on to avoid current overload and faults caused by a large number of hard drives being powered on simultaneously, further ensuring the high reliability of the system. Embedded MAX-V management chip, CPLD light control (AMG brand), can monitor the working status of the hard disk in real-time through the chip, and provide timely feedback on usage through LED status indicator lights (light control can be customized). Support power management, customizable graded delayed power on, temperature monitoring, four way fan speed monitoring, temperature zone setting linkage PWM control fan speed. The backplane is subjected to slicing, Thermal shock, thermal force, withstand voltage, insulation test, TX&RX eye diagram test, PCIe signal and other test verification.

application environment:

The CEACENT CC35X12-12S series 2U server, with its efficient design, ensures excellent design while retaining flexible and powerful resource expansion capabilities. The integration of computing power and storage meets most path requirements, and excellent heat dissipation performance ensures good operating conditions, reducing failure rates and noise interference. Applied to small databases, enterprise informatization, online games, WEB search, file services, VOD, Mail, virtualization, medium-sized databases, enterprise informatization, IDC/ISP/ICP/ASP and other network and information operators' business applications. Xiwei, as a one-stop provider of I/O solutions, has a wide range of storage solution combinations, 20 years of experience in research and development solutions, and is trusted by major server and storage suppliers; Provide building blocks for storage solutions to help customers understand and determine storage application requirements and protect critical data. Welcome customers to inquire about more storage solutions.
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