LSI 9240-8I
Brand: Broadcom
Model: LSI 9260-8I
Type : 8-Port 6Gb/s SATA/SAS

  MegaRAID®SATA+SAS entry controller card allows small and medium business owners and games to enjoy the latest RAID technology with affordable price and low power consumption. This product line provides reliable MegaRAID reliability with minimal maintenance. The super raid entry controller card provides users with a direct solution, including basic RAID levels and simple configuration options. In addition, they can be connected to SATA and SAS hard disk drives and solid-state drives, allowing tiered storage that optimizes cost and performance. When speed and reliability are the biggest issues, while SATA drives are when capacity and cost are more important, MegaRAID entry controllers cover a range of tiered storage requirements for cost sensitive applications that require reliable data.

Key Features

■ 6Gb/s data transfer rate
■ Eight internal 6GB/s SATA+SAS ports
■ Two x4 Mini-SAS internal connectors (SFF8087)
■ LSI SAS 2008 controller – PowerPC 440 @ 533MHz
■ RAID 0, 1, 5, 10, 50 and JBOD mode
■ Hardware RAID solution
■ x8 PCI Express 2.0 host interface
■ Low-profile form factor
■ Supports up to 64 physical devices – Up to 16 physical devices in a RAID configuration
■ Patrol read
■ Consistency Check
■ S.M.A.R.T. error detection
■ Power management support
■ MegaRAID Storage Manager
■ Environmentally friendly with low-power controller and cardboard Key Advantages
■ High performance with 6Gb/s data transfer rates
■ PCI Express ® 2.0 host interface drives superior system performance
■ MegaRAID Entry delivers robust RAID functionality with simplicity
■ Flexible SATA+SAS array architecture optimizes cost

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