Model: AN8540-T2
Type : PCI-E X4 RJ45 10/100/1000Mbps Network Interface Card For i350-T4 NIC


1. AN8540-T2 is a MB Ethernet card with two MB RJ45 ports

2. As a special network card for server, AN8540-T2 has a high transmission rate of ten million megabytes. It USES six kinds of network cables as the standard transmission medium, with a large transmission distance of 100 meters

3. The design of pci-e bus enables this network card to adapt to most server motherboards with good compatibility

4. The dual port feature not only enables the weapon to have high network throughput capacity, but also facilitates users' remote management of the server

Product parameters

Product model: Unicaca AN8540-T2

Applicable network type: MB Ethernet card

Transmission rate :10000Mbps

Main chip: Intel X540-T2

Bus type: pci-e,X8;Compatible by 8 / X16

Transmission medium type: 3/4/5 class UTP

LED indicator: 4

Network interface type: rj-45

Interface number: dual port

Application: server

Product advantage: maximum bus speed and slot width: 8 5.0GT/ s channels

Working temperature: 0 ~ 55 ℃

Working humidity: 85%

Storage temperature - 20 ~ 65 ℃

Storage humidity: 85%

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